I (the “User”) acknowledge that I have read the terms and conditions of this agreement (the “BYBLOSPAY- HCE Agreement”), that I understand that these terms and conditions shall govern the BYBLOSPAY – HCE Service offered by Byblos Bank SAL  (hereafter collectively referred to as the “Bank”), and I hereby explicitly agree to be bound by such terms and conditions, in addition to the terms and conditions of the Applications, and to the general terms of the Bank governing the Account opening terms and conditions .


I.      HCE Service

          1.         General guidelines:

1.1.    The Host Card Emulation Service called hereafter as “HCE” service is available through Android platforms provided only for Byblos Bank customers, holders of an active VISA credit card.

N.B:  Primary and supplementary cardholders can enroll and have access to this service.

1.2.    HCE application links the client’s Android smartphone to the latter’s existing and active credit card and transforms the device into a secure payment tool.

1.3.    Each mobile phone can be linked to multiple active Visa credit cards. When enrolling to the HCE Service online, client will have to specify his/her active Visa Credit Card number(s) from which the payments will be processed.

1.4.    The Merchant’s POS must be authorized to accept payments through the HCE application as a mean of payment in exchange for the purchase of goods and services by the customer.

1.5.    Payments processed through HCE application are not differentiated in the credit card statement from the payments processed by the client when using his physical Visa Credit Card.

1.6.    Client can check on the bank’s mobile banking application his Visa credit card transactions whether processed through HCE or not.

1.7.    The amount and number of the transactions that the client is entitled to process, while purchasing goods/services using the HCE application, are the same as when using his physical card. The credit card’s set limit and parameters will not change based on way the payment was processed (through HCE or through the physical Credit Card).

1.8.    Whenever a customer wants to perform a POS transaction at a merchant’s local, the Near Field Communication (NFC) data exchange access should be enabled on the Smartphone in order to initiate the payment by the HCE service.

1.9.       Any POS transaction processed at a merchant’s local above or equal USD 50 will require the latter to input his/her Visa Credit Card Pin Code while paying through the HCE service. However, any transaction below this threshold will be processed without the need to input the Pin Code.

1.10.    If an eligible customer with an active and eligible credit card becomes non-eligible, user (i.e. credit card is blocked, deleted, etc…) then the latter can no longer use the HCE service and perform POS transactions.


          2.         Eligibility of the client wanting to benefit from the HEC service

                            2.1.Client must have an Android Smartphone and a mobile number.

2.2   The HCE service is solely provided for active Byblos Bank Visa Credit Card and Visa Business holders.


         II.         Enrollment to the HCE Service

1.    Customers will have access to the HCE service application only through Self- Enrollment.

2.    Clients will have to enroll themselves using their Visa credit card number, the card’s expiry date, and the phone number related to the Android Smartphone used for enrollment.

3.    HCE service application can be used only on Android Smartphones : Clients can download the HCE mobile application through GooglePlay.

4.    During enrollment, the customer will have to choose a unique password or use his/her fingerprint authentication, to be able to access the application whenever the latter will access the HCE application as a payment tool.

5.    There is no need for clients to sign any document to activate the HCE service. However, to proceed with the download of the application, the latter should accept these terms & conditions within the application.

6.    When credit card number, expiry date of the credit card and phone number are entered correctly, client receives a SMS message containing an OTP valid for 5 minutes that can be used only once. Client will have to enter the OTP on the mobile application to proceed with the enrollment. During these 5 minutes client can cancel his enrollment. After 5 minutes client will be able to request a new OTP.

7.    This step will lead into the digitization of the credit card and accordingly the ability to use the Smartphone through the HCE service application as a payment tool.

8.       The PB should ensure that client’s credit card is active before advising the latter to enroll to the HCE service.

9.       If customer wants to change his/her Smartphone mobile number, then he/she is held reliable to uninstall the HCE service application before doing so. The customer shall remain liable for any HCE transaction that takes place by using his/her Smartphone, until the latter informs CSC of such change.


III.         Login

1.       A user can download the HEC application on one Android Smartphone device, and multiple users can login on the same device and use the application for payment purposes (i.e. HCE application subscriber granting his/her Smartphone to a third person along with the password to access the application)

2.       User logs in by entering the set Password or Fingerprint authentication that the latter chose during the enrollment phase.

3.       The fingerprint authentication or  password cannot be saved and it should be inputted every time the customer logs in to the application. 

4.       HCE session times out after 30 seconds of being idle after which the customer will have to access the application again by inputting the Fingerprint or password.

IV.         Client access

  1. Clients can access the downloaded HCE application by inputting either the HCE password which is composed of 4 digits chosen randomly by the client, or his/her fingerprint authentication.

2.       HEC service  customers can change their passwords at will.

3.       Customer’s access to HCE service application will be blocked after entering a wrong password for 3 consecutive attempts.

4.       If HCE access has been blocked due to an error committed by the customer, the latter should uninstall the application on his/her mobile phone and install it again by accessing  GooglePlay.